Thursday, March 11, 2010

I finished the first of the really big new 0.4.0 things on Tuesday: handedness. You can now hold one or two items in your hands, and some weapons are two-handed. For example, somewhat arbitrarily, the katana and the baseball bat are both two-handed. I realize that both of those could be swung one-handed, but I haven't thought of a non-awkward user interface way to specify that you are wielding a single item with two hands instead of one.

If wield two melee weapons, you will automatically do two-weapon combat. If your secondary weapon is a firearm, you'll only attack with the primary hand. This is mainly because ammunition is a precious commodity in the game so I don't want to force the player to waste any. Maybe I get let the player select their combat mode? I guess I'll find out via criticism if/when crashRun has actual players :P

I also added a bunch of new items and a few new features.

The two major new features for 0.4.0 that I still need to do are (1) expanded user creation, including an optional shopping trip before you begin and (2) the next section of the dungeon, which is still half-nebulous in my mind.

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