Sunday, March 21, 2010

0.4.0 Released!

Alright, I've posted crashRun 0.4.0 on the website. The "official" announcement is on the rgrd newsgroup:

Yesterday, I got an executable version of the game working using Py2Exe so Windows users won't need to have Python and PyGame installed before running crashRun.

0.4.0 is available from the downloads page:

And now, onward and upward to 0.5.0!


  1. Hello! I saw your game on roguebasin and I played it for a little bit, I just want to say that I love the idea but this game seems impossible. My character just appears to be way too under powered to take on the mutants I meet.

    Could you please allow the player to gain a skill point *every* level up? I find myself either spread too thin on skills our just pumping everything into hacking and a combat skill.

    Combat in general especially in cyberspace just feels too harsh. You meet an enemy, you must kill it. The end. You have no real options on other ways to fight it. You move at the same speed, you can't displace yourself or the enemy, it's just do or die.

    Cyberspace is worse, the first time I tried, I was getting beat up so at last resort I ejected myself and died from brain damage. The second time I pooled 4 precious points into hacking so I had a real chance, but even then Cyberspace is built like a maze and I could not figure out if I had any projectile attack, it was just walk, bump, walk, pump and hope I find the exit.

    Could you please streamline the interface on the next update? I find picking a doors lock to be the most painful experience ever. I walk up to the door, I need to interact with it, then I need to say YES I want to pick this door, THEN I need to select my lockpick. so I can open one door.

    It all seems very silly, I bump into the door (do you want to pick the lock?) Sure, the game checks if I have any lockpicking tools and just attempts to pick, There!

    I run windows vista and I played the executable version, it always crashed when I try to input "?" no idea why.

    Sorry if I come across as some nerd griping about the game you created and released for free. I really like the idea, but this game seems nigh-impossible.

  2. Hey, thanks for the feedback! And no worries, the whole reason to post early development releases is to get feedback early on and your complaints are quite valid.

    I've been a little loathe to spend too much time on game balance since the next few releases are going to pile on the features, but I do agree that combat is a little too hard, especially in cyberspace (which is also a little too boring). And hopefully I'll be able to make some improvements in that regard. If it's any consolation, it was *much* harder a little while ago :P

    I'd been mulling over doing something about the clumsy lockpicking interface; it'll definitely be fixed for 0.5.0.

    And I'll see what I can do about the crash in Windows.


  3. Urgh, the crash was a missing help file D:

    I've updated the zip file accordingly...