Tuesday, March 16, 2010

End of codesprint, 0.4.0 almost

I finished up my codesprint and actually got a lot of what I wanted done on 0.4.0. Lots of my time was spent with tweaking and bug-fixing, but big new stuff include:
  • Expanded character creation. Your background is randomly rolled and determines which skills you begin with. You can chose to go shopping before the mission begins and thus customize your equipment (or stick with the 'standard kit'). I also dropped gender from the creation screen since it has no in-game use.
  • Created the map generation for the two-level "proving grounds" section of the dungeon. The idea is that the proving grounds are where the AI tests its new creations, so there will be a lot of tough monsters featured, but also some caches of nice equipment the player might risk trying to get. There are also pools of acid and toxic waste laying around.
Last night I wrote some AI for monsters that can shoot at the player. Borrowing from nethack, the character can only fire in the eight cardinal directions so I figured I should limit the monsters the same way, so I came up with a behaviour routine where the monster tries to move so that he has a shot at the player. I've created one type of "mech" enemy that uses this behaviour and I'd like to have a few more to include in 0.4.0.

Another type of enemy I want to create is cyborg. These guys will have guns and inventory that they can use (and I might apply that behaviour to a few more intelligent types of monsters as well). So they'll pick which gun to use, reload it, etc. They will also grab useful items from ground.

Now that my codesprint is done I can't spend all my spare time on crashRun, although I'll try to keep up with making one or two commits per day.

0.5.0 will be another "more stuff" edition and feature a cyberpunk analogue for what are potions in fantasy roguelikes as well as a lot more in-game information in the form of data files found in cyberspace (I have only a few token ones at the moment).

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