Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Err, 0.4.1 :P

While I did conclude last post with "Onward and upward to 0.5.0!", I ended up making a slight detour to a little place called 0.4.1. The game was crashing for someone on Windows XP; Pygame was failing to initialize and it appeared as though it was having trouble with the sound driver. Annoying because crashRun doesn't have sound :P

But in any case, I found a forum post from someone who had a similar issue in their own project and their fix worked for us as well. So, I pushed out 0.4.1.

Git proved pretty handy. I'd started a new branch for 0.5.0 so I switched back to my 0.4.0 branch, made the fix, checked that into a new branch and then merged those changes onto my master branch. For good measure, I then deleted the 0.4.0 branch since it was superseded by 0.4.1. Next, I cherry-picked (cherry-plucked?) the commit containing the fix into the 0.5.0 branch. I should do some reading about other folks' git workflows.

My first few commits for the 0.5.0 branch have been UX enhancements. When you hit the action command, the game skips broken doors and automatically attempts to unlock locked door using your lockpick. (At the moment there is only one kind of lockpick in the game so it doesn't bother asking you which to use if you are carrying more than one) Also implemented "bump to open/unlock doors", which makes cruising around the dungeon much easier.

I suspect that, as in Angband, this is going to result in me blundering thoughtlessly through the dungeon and dying a lot when I play...

Auto-unlock and bump-to-open are configurable options -- the first configurable options -- so I had to build a screen where the user can set and save them.

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